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Customized Extranet is your leading Total Solution Provider. We offer our customers service programs, which are customized to meet their needs. We also create high-quality computing systems specially designed to meet their individual corporate criteria. devotes considerable resources to evaluate emerging technological innovations and how they can complement an overall business plan to meet customer goals. We'll provide your company with a free personalized web site, called an eAccount Portal , that offers you special pricing online, keeps track of your past purchases, manages your assets and streamlines your ordering  process . Find out more and sign up for your own extranet today!

Dedicated Account Manager provides you with a dedicated, technically trained account manager to serve as your primary contact for all your needs and requests, whether they are technical, product specific, or general in nature. Consider your Dedicated Account Manager as your company's personal expert who will expedite and streamline every interaction you have with us. Your Dedicated Account Manager cuts through the red tape to help you accomplish your goals efficiently and quickly.

Custom Pricing has a vested interest in your success. Our custom pricing policy is a case in point. We save you valuable time by eliminating the need for price quotes. Our system is simple yet powerful. When you commit to a specific purchase volume, you will receive automatic discounts right from your extranet site. The more you purchase, the deeper your discount. Based on your purchase volume you will qualify for Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze discount levels.

Order/Email History
Your customized extranet site gives you a convenient, accessible view of your entire order and email history. You will be able to view the records of your past orders as well as order messages and invoices. Additionally, you'll be able to see and analyze the emails you have sent and received.


Custom eAccount Portal
Your extranet site allows you to easily create your own custom landing page. You will be able to tailor your custom landing page so it efficiently and effectively meet your needs. Your Custom eAccount Portal shows recently purchased products so you'll be able to reorder quickly.

Quote Management and Quote Messaging
We simplify what is ordinarily a time consuming process through our Quote Management and Quote Messaging system. You'll be able to view and edit open quotes directly from your extranet site. Our innovative Quote Management features a new messaging system tied to quotes and allows you to attach and send notes between you and your Dedicated Account Manager.

Portal Security knows all about data security. In our many years in business we have set pioneering standards in web security. We bring that expertise to your exclusive extranet portal. Our state-of-the-art security system allows you to set up users with multiple restriction levels to emails and order history. Your extranet will allow you to set up users who have the ability to exercise quote only procedures, order or quote and order. Additionally, users will be able to set up users who can create other users with limited account access. This enables companies both huge and small to set up users to their best competitive advantage.

Proxy System
Our Proxy System is another vehicle for your Dedicated Account Manager to act on your company's behalf. Via the extranet, you can give your account manager the authority to generate online quotes for you.

Net Terms
We've designed our customized extranet site to bring your company the best benefits to put you at a strategic advantage as you conduct business. An approved, qualifying account can benefit from online purchase orders with Net 30 terms.

Business Lease

Gain tax advantages
Lease payments are entered in your accounting records as a monthly operating expense. The monthly lease payment, therefore, becomes a 100% deductible, monthly operating expense. The tax advantages are taken monthly rather than at year-end.

Conserve captial and lines of credit
When the cost of equipment is known and fixed in advance, the budgets of various departments can easily be forecasted, as can the profitability of various marketing plans, allowing your company to make more informed and accurate decisions.


Stay Current with Technology
Leasing permits you to exchange or add equipment at any point during the term of your lease. It allows you to stay at the forefront of technology.

Fixed monthly payments
No payments for 30 days, and your expenses are predictable.

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