Intel® Visual Technology

You don’t just get one, but a whole suite of video technologies that enable images to look sharper and more crisp. With built-in visuals, you’ll experience deeper, richer color and real-life seamless video and audio. You’ll have HD goodness for movies and Internet videos, as well as great results with casual and mainstream gaming. In two words: smooth and stunning.

Intel® Clear Video HD Technology

This technology enables 1080p HD video playback for streaming web content and Blue-Ray. You get lifelike video playback that makes the most of the content you watch.

Intel® Quick Sync Video

Creating and editing video just got easier. You’ll have much faster times for synchronizing and sharing your videos. Click through to learn how it’s now twice as fast with Ivy Bridge processors. We even have a demo video available for you to see the difference.

Intel® HD Graphics

You’ll get incredible experiences with 3D casual gaming, as well as fully immersive gaming on titles that are optimized for Intel HD Graphics. We’ve got a whole list of games optimized for Intel processors.

Intel 3rd Generation Processors

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