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REVIEW BY: chaucer789 Reviewed  Jan 17, 2008
BSOD right out of the box. Got restore disks from gateway. Wouldn't even re-install the os. Sent it back. They swapped hd and ram (marked them so i would know) and said it was working fine. BSODs all over the place. Sent it back again. They swapped one stick of ram this time (marked them so i would know) and said it was working fine. finally gateway agreed to replace it. after more than a month of hassle this one works great. if you get a good one this is a nice little machine.

REVIEW BY: zeldar Reviewed  Nov 28, 2007
I bought this computer to use for running X-Plane 8.6. It is a graphics intensive flight simulator program that requires OpenGL 2.0. I knew the integrated graphics wouldn't cut it so I also ordered an EVGA 8600GT video card from Tiger ($79 after rebate). I also ordered an Ultra 600W power supply (about $60 also from Tiger) to ensure the PCI-E graphics card received sufficient power. I also upgraded the RAM from 1GB to 2GB (about $60 from Tiger). Before I received the power supply, I tried to run X-Plane using the integrated graphics; NO WAY! It could hardly render half the gauges of the plane dashboard, let alone any movement of scenery, etc. After installing the Power Unit and EVGA 8600GT, what a difference! My Vista performance rating went from 3.8 (graphics was the lowest score) to 4.8 (CPU is now the lowest score). The graphics score is now 5.9 (the highest score possible!). X-Plane runs flawlessly and the machine is very fast. For about $550, I got a very capable gamer.

REVIEW BY: the noise Reviewed  Nov 27, 2007
After reading the previous reviews I took the plunge and bought one of these ''refurbished '' units. I added the max ram and it works flawlessly I will be upgrading the video after Christmas but this is a nice machine for a great price.

REVIEW BY: Blingham Reviewed  Nov 24, 2007
What can I say about this PC? If you're looking for a decent system, for little cash - go for it! While I had a bit of a problem with UPS ''finding'' my house, my transaction through Tiger was awesome. The system is running awesome with the 2GB of RAM I put into it, and I think I'm even going to keep Vista! I also didn't realize that this is a 64-bit CPU. That was a great bonus, and it runs 32-bit version of Windows Vista & XP with no problems. NOTE: If you plan to run Windows XP, you'll have to go to Intel's website to download the drivers for the Intel Chipset, Audio and On-Board Video. I contacted Gateway, and this is what they told me, because they only have Vista drivers available on their site. All in all, a great system. I will upgrade to a PCI-e video card though, as the on-board is just a bit too primitive for my liking, when it comes to games such as World of Warcraft, and anything else that is graphics intensive. No aero interface in Vista without upgrade.

REVIEW BY: kn1ghtday Reviewed  Nov 21, 2007
This computer meets all the expectations i had for the price. I mostly use this for gaming and general media stuff. It runs fine with 1gig of ram. But for gaming definitively 2gigs is a worthy 50dollar upgrade. My 7600gt runs fine off the 300w PSU. Plan on upgrading both soon. Vista has run fine for me. Any little thing that may come up has an answer on the internet, and is pretty easily found. Every thing works as it should and with two gigs of ram every thing in my vista experience rating is over 5.0 except for cpu at 4.8, but I rarely see both cores at full load. Ill probably add a sound card as well. On board is fine, but for gaming i want a little something extra. I couldn't build this computer cheaper. Should be a real decent budget gamer for under 6 hundy(with upgrades). This is a great deal IMO.

REVIEW BY: Nate Reviewed  Nov 19, 2007
Awesome machine super fast. i for one love Vista its extremely user friendly and it looks awesome. ive had mine for a week or so now. the keybord and mouse are nice and the speakers sound great and the cpu has a very cool looking case on it that looks stylish. currently i'm using an older monitor and so my graphics arent the best but i can tell they woyuld be alot nicer with a new lcd monitor which i hope to get by christmas. i love the windows media center which is included and the games chanell. this is a great pc for anyone who isnt a reall heavy gamer and dosnt make alot of videos the HD is good to store a music, moovie, and a picture collection farely large in and still have a whole lot left to work with. great teen computer i'm 14 and i love this. BUY THIS FOR YOUR teen and your enjoyment.

REVIEW BY: grritz Reviewed  Nov 07, 2007
Had this computer for 3 1/2 hours now. Checked out sound, video, networking and DVD playing. All working perfect so far. The 1 gig of ram is running a bit over 50% all the time with no extra programs. Yet there is no slow down on dvd playing. This is a fast system and for this price it is dirt cheap. The OS alone is worth half the price. 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up for Tiger.

REVIEW BY: Eric Reviewed  Nov 05, 2007
The unit came really fast and a very nice unit at that. Everything looks new. There were some errors on the OS when I started it up but after I reloaded the enclosed Vista CD, its working really well. There is no drivers CD so you have to download them from Gateway's website. If your cool with maybe having to reload the software, then its a good deal. I upgraded the ram to 2 gig and its doing fine. It comes with a PCI Express 16 slot, so I will upgrade that too. The video however is very crisp and clean. The visa experience rating is only a 3.3 but the only reason is for the graphics capability. The HD rack only allows for 2 hard drives, so take that into mind. I think it's worth money.

REVIEW BY: dcunger172 Reviewed  Nov 01, 2007
SWEET DEAL! Looks brand new, not a scratch to be found. Turned it on and everything worked as it should. I upgraded to 2MB of memory and man what a difference. Now my only decision is whether to replace Vista with XP.
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