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Wireless networking allows you to use your computer, smart TV, smartphone and other devices to access the Internet from anywhere within your home or office. As more and more people gravitate to laptops, tablets or smartphones, being able to surf the web or stream movies and music from any location is a highly desirable convenience. And there is also an ever-increasing array of computer peripherals – from printers and media players to network IP cameras and more – that now offer built-in wireless capability.

A Wireless LAN (WLAN) or Wireless Local Area Network is the most common type of wireless network for the home, and for wireless hotspots such as those found at coffee shops, malls and other public locations. These are typically password-protected so that only those you wish can access your wireless network.

As the name implies, wireless networking relies not on wires but on radio signals. A cable or DSL modem in your home connects you to your Internet service provider’s line outside the house. To create a wireless network in your home, you’ll need a router that takes the signal from your modem and converts it to radio signals that transmit data back and forth between your modem and your computer or other devices on the same network. A wireless extender may also be needed to boost signals in certain parts of your house – “dead zones” where your router’s radio signals can’t reach.

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