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For the system builder who wants a big head start on a fantastic system, we have the world's largest and most complete selection of barebone kits. From barebone computers to a perfectly matched array of powerful components, you'll find the barebone to suit your needs. Our barebone kits represent the world's elite manufacturers such as MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, Zotac USA and BioStar. In many cases, if you purchase a barebone PC, all you need are some key elements such as memory, hard drive, networking, monitor etc. Many of our barebones include memory, hard drive and video cards. These elements will help you create a super gaming, business or home computer. In fact, PC barebones are best-selling products because they give you an opportunity to customize your computer to suit your needs, while providing many of the essential ingredients for a powerhouse system. Among the thousands of barebone kits you'll find on our site are both Intel barebones and AMD barebones, complemented with superb high-performance components that work together flawlessly.

If you want to create a PC system that is custom-made to meet your every computing need, we make it easy with our complete line of PC barebones. We have the best inventory of barebone PCs, masterful AMD and Intel components all represented by the world’s finest component manufacturers. Whether you’re ready to build a top-notch gaming system with fantastic video, an extremely fast and efficient business PC, or a home PC with lots of multimedia, you’ll find the right components in our huge selection of barebone kits.