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LCD Monitors - The Buying Explosion Continues

LCD monitors have revolutionized the computer industry. In fact, in this age of miniaturized productivity, the compact, ultra-slim LCD monitors are practically the industry standard. If you want style, grace, portability and spectacular image quality, you’ll get it all with an LCD monitor. And the attractive, thin-bezel design has captured the imagination of everyone who values style and substance. Consequently, nearly everyone is abandoning their CRT monitors and racing to buy LCD PC monitors - and prices are dropping fast.

Bigger is Better
Discerning desktop PC users who are looking for LCD monitors generally prefer a bigger canvas. Nonetheless, a high quality 19-inch LCD monitor makes an excellent primary monitor if budgetary concerns are your primary motivators. However, the difference in price between a 19-inch and 22-inch LCD monitor is minimal, so you will see a much better visual landscape with a larger LCD monitor. Both 19-inch and 22-inch LCD monitors usually offer 1280 x 1024 resolutions and higher, which enables you to see slightly larger, easier-to-read images on your new flat panel LCD.