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Help save our environment; Buy printer ink refills! By refilling printer ink cartridges for your printer, you can provide more printing life than simply buying new cartridges. You buy fewer cartridges which saves on waste. Plus, they save you time and money. However, if you need to buy new cartridges (Inkjet printer ink cartridges or laser printer toners), be sure you are buying cartridges that are designed for maximum performance and reliability from either the original manufacturer (such as Brother, HP, Canon, Epson, Dymo, Lexmark, and others), or from high quality aftermarket cartridge suppliers (such as Rhinotek).

It is also important not to forget the media that you print on. The quality of the paper has a dramatic effect on the quality of your printing. Glossy papers produce better brighter colors than uncoated paper. If you are using labels, be sure to use only labels designed for your class of printer - the wrong labels can peel off and become jammed in your printer!